Building Maintance

A well maintained building enables property appreciation and averts man made disasters, Building maintenance is very specialized are requiring daily attention and periodic care.

SHREE RAM ENTERPRISES undertakes comprehensive and competent building maintance. once under the care of SRE,the various activities liike civil work,plumbing, electrical maintenance, etc, are planned and executed very efficiently.


SRE handle the following building maintanance activities:

  • Daily maintanance activity like cleaning, gardening, etc.
  • Periodic maintenance activities like pest control, water proofing.painting etc.
  • Plaster repairs,minor furniture repairs,replacement of glass panes,electric bulbs, faucets,drains, etc.
  • Well-planned inspection by qualified personnel along with the submission of status reports.
  • Identification of present and potential problem areas.


Daily Maintennace :

A well coordinated team of SRE personnel is trained to clean the premises and dispose the trash, maintain the gardens,mamnicure the lawns,etc.

Periodic Maintainance:

Scheduls are drawn up for pest control,cleaning of water tanks,cleaning of swimming pools,water proofing,painting,repairs of driveways,compound walls,checking electrical fixtures,rectification of plumbing,etc.These schedules are finalized after consultation with the client and once agreed upon,are strictly adhered to.

Annual Maintenance:

SRE can also undertake annual maitenance work like painting of the entire complex,cleaning of tanks and drains,road resurfacing, etc.