Horitculture and landscaping are very important areas because they are first sites the visitor to the permises has well manicured lawns,test fully planned shrubs and tress and neatly maintained envirnoment not only enhance the ambience,but also affirm the ecological consciousness of the organization.

In todays context,horticulture and landscaping have also become part and parcel of the requirements for getting international certification like the ISO.

Landscaping is a natural and beautiful way to keep the premises more comfortable and more eco-friendly.in addition to adding aesthetic value and environmental quality to the building,a well-laid landscape can effectively reduce energy bills also,Landscaping can also help block and absorb the sun's energy to help decrease heat build-up the premises by providing shade and evaporative cooling

SHREE RAM ENTERPRISES has affiations with landscape artist who are available for design, consultancy,periodic supervision and modifications.

Well laid out landscapes, fountains,rocks,sprinklers and other decorative items can also be organized as per the client requirements.Depending on the availability of water and power fountains and artistic lighting can also be provided.



SRE provide following landscaping services:

  • Gardeners on full time/part time basis
  • Selection of saplings
  • Planting of shrubs and trees
  • Fencing wherever required
  • Laying of lawns
  • watering
  • Maintenance,including trimming of the shrubs and prunning of weeds
  • Taking care of the soil,fertilizers and pesticide