Housekeeping Services

Good Housekeeping presupposes that the premises should be attractive,inspire efficiency and value to the property.SHREE RAM ENTERPRISES personnel have the required expertise for achieving these.


Services offered

  • BOD (Beginning of day) Services.
  • TTD (Throughout The Day) Services.
  • EOD (End of Day) Services
  • Fortnightly and Periodic schedules.
  • Providing Office Boys, Runners.
  • Messengers etc.


BOD,TTD and EOD Services

These services are systematically planned and executed ensuring that no precious working hours are lost.


  • BOD services include cleaning the entire complex before the start of office hours providing a welcoming atmosphere for both the staff and visitors.
  • TTD service personnel are available throughout the day to ensure cleanliness of the reception area,cloak rooms,etc.They are also available to requisition the specialized technicians,should the situation arise.
  • EOD services involve winding up operations for the day clearing of garbage,disinfecting the rest-rooms etc.SRE personnel are also specially trained for dismantling, packing and positioning of pcs,before and after a conference.


  Unforseen events like minor electrical problems,plumbing defects,that can bring the work to a standstill are handled by specialized technicians like electriciansns,plumbers,carpenters,and masons who are readily available with SRE.Familiarty with various gadgets like static dusters,Vaccum cleaners,etc enable SRE personal to use them appropriately for the specializes rooms,boardrooms,and conference halls.

All Materials used in the housekeeping services are of high quality, ensuring that no damage is caused to limb or property.Fortnightly Schedules

Well planned schedules are created and adhered to for all fortnightly maintenance activities to be performed.Eg.Clearning of Air Conditioners and glass,Brass polishing,Glass cleaning,Upholsyery stain removel,etc.

Periodic Schedules

Maintenance of the building/complex,foor polishing,pest control and fumigating,painting and water proofing control,carpet shampooing,Air Conditioner servicing,etc are scheduled in consultation with the client